Level 3 Supervising Food Safety Course – £POA

This course is perfect for you if you’re working in any food business at a supervisory level.


A face-to-face, interactive course in a safe, supportive environment, you will have direct contact with a tutor, and be encouraged to ask questions!


It is a nationally recognised accredited qualification which meets the requirements of any EHO (Environmental Health Officer), covering all the newly imposed greater responsibilities placed on supervisors, from legal requirements to good practice and food safety and hygiene procedures.

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Is this course right for me?



The qualification is perfect for you if you already work in a food catering, manufacturing or retail business and wish to progress to a higher or supervisory level.


This is not for you if you want an online course. At Authentic Training, experience has shown us that learners get more from teachers in a face-to-face environment so we only offer this course in person.


Topics include ensuring compliance with food safety legislation, the application and monitoring of good hygiene practice, how to implement food safety management procedures and the application and monitoring of good practice regarding contamination, microbiology and temperature control.

The course is delivered over two days but all students must answer the questions in the “A Question Of” book after reading through the “Supervising Food Safety Level 3” instruction book, both of which are supplied by AET as part of the course.


You can attend the course at our training rooms in Kirkby or we can deliver the course at your office.


Compliance for Managers and supervisors with responsibility for maintaining food safety management procedures: Food business operators must ensure that those within the business who are responsible for developing and maintaining food safety management procedures, e.g. HACCP-based procedures, are appropriately trained.


Managers and supervisors should receive a more advanced level of training which builds on the subject matter targeted at operative workers, but highlights the specific responsibilities associated with supervising and managing a safe food manufacturing operation.


The training will help develop learners’ understanding of the principles of effective food safety management procedures, how they are incorporated into working practices and procedures, what the key processes are and how they are implemented within the business.