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This page has been put together so you can get quick answers to some questions you may have.

This course is about you the student (trainee trainer) gaining the skills and knowledge needed in order to teach or train adults confidently. It is an accreditted course; which means you get a nationally recognised qualification when you complete it that will allow you to teach in colleges, training companies and also to be a confident trainer within almost any organisation in the United Kingdom. In fact it is a teaching qualification that is recognised all over the world.

Who can do the course? Do I need to have any other qualifications in order to do it?

You have to be over 19 to get the qualification and you do not need to have any other qualifications in order to do the course.

You do not have to be teaching now to do the course. You can do the course if your job role is teaching and you need to get a qualification but you can also do the course if you want to become a teacher to pass on the skills you have toothers and be confident when you do it.

Industries and people change. Recently we have had some hairdressers do the course because they would like to teach others and start their own academies someday soon. Others have done the course because they wanted to become self employed trainers and others have done the course because their employers would like them have a qualification that matches the job they are doing.

It is a face to face course with a tutor and there are no exams. You are supported all of the way by your tutor who you can contact through e mail, via the telephone or you can come over to our learning centre and ask questions in person.

You need to attend the course for five days and submit some assignments as well as do a short session called a microteach. The assignments can be written by hand or completed on a computer (most students use a computer to type their work). Every piece of work you send in is examined by your tutor and you are given feedback. If what you have sent in or given in isn’t quite what was needed you are given targetted advice on what you need to do in order to meet the requirements of the qualification.

The microteach is a short 15 minute teaching session that you give to the other students on the course and which can be anything of your choice. You produce a lesson plan (with help from your tutor) and materials for your students to use that makes the session enjoyable and memorable.

The course can be booked for larger groups of students and delivered at their own premises – e.g. if a company wanted their employees to be qualified as trainers/teachers; or you can attend the courses that are run from our Kirkby based training rooms.

Part of being a teacher is never putting your students in a position where they can not achieve what they set out to do. There is no exam to fail and you can submit your assignments mutliple times; although in most cases if a student misses out an essential element in an assignment, with the help and support of their tutor to guide them, they quickly focus in on what was missing and make the changes needed straight away.

It isnt like school because children and adults learn in different ways. Part of the course is about what are the most efficient ways in which you can teach; thats another way of saying in what ways do students find it easiest to learn.

There are a lot of activities to start off with backed up by discussions and students are encouraged to make comments and contribute all the way through the sessions. There is a textbook which you are given on the first day because the practical aspects that we discuss face to face have to be backed by some theory; but everything you need is covered in the sessions with your tutor.

Your tutor will use powerpoint slides and at the start of each days session you are given a copy of those slides so that you can make notes. The slides have the pages that relate to them in the textbook on the slide so that you can quickly relate the extra material your tutor is covering, to the material in the textbook.

This presentation and discussion between you and your tutor is broken up by the use of many activities and the results of these activities are displayed on the wall of the training room.

You can access pictures of the results of these activities on the AET website which can be downloaded onto your computer and can also be used in your assessments.

We make every effort (as all good teachers do) to take account of any special needs students may have and part of the course is about what those needs may be.

After talking with students who have tried to do the online versions of this course, AET have developed many variations of this course that are face to face because that is by far the quickest and easiest way for anyone to gain the qualification.

Frankly it is also the best way. The tutors use teaching techniques that you can take away with you. In effect you are given a toolkit that you can use in your own practice as a teacher and trainer to take away with you because you have attended the course.

Because we believe that you should learn a subject by the easiest and most cost effective way. It is those easiest ways in which people learn that are used in the teaching of this course and we use the easiest ways for a few reasons:-

1. It is the most efficient, cost effective way for people to gain this qualification. Why struggle on your own when you can get local, face to face help immediately.

2. The most efficient ways are the most enjoyable and least stressful ways to learn something new. With regard to teaching thats a very simple truth. If a student is enjoying the course then they learn more.

3. If you are taught using the same techniques that you should be using when you teach – not something that can be replicated on an online course – then when it comes to applying the skills and knowledge gained during the course you the student will find it much easier because you have seen it in action.

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Fun, educational and most importantly... interesting. Appreciated the support and help I received during my course.

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