Our PTLLS ‘Train the Trainer’ course comes in all shapes and sizes. Well, three main ones, but we can deliver it any way it works for you!

While our five-day in-person course is a must for those without any experience in training or teaching, we also offer a three-day in-person course for experienced trainers. An online-only option is also available.

All three courses give students the skills they need to teach their own students, and in effect they leave with a toolkit that they can employ straight away.


They won’t just have a thorough grounding in how to teach; they will be provided with notes, pictures of the practical activities they have taken part in which aren’t just helpful but usable in the workplace.


Their tutors will be on hand to provide support via Zoom or phone, and they will be able to access slides and activities online.


The five-day course, which ends with a short “Micro-Teach”, doesn’t have to be completed in consecutive days. Some students or companies prefer to spread it over several weeks, or even work remotely after an initial day or two in person.


The three-day course requires much more self-study by the learners, with online coursework needing to be completed after the end of the in-person training. Naturally, students on a three-day course will be given access to the same online resources as their five-day counterparts.


The online learning option is proven to work for students all over the world but we would always recommend the in-person options if possible due to the opportunity they provide to learn techniques from an experienced trainer.


Everybody on our PTLLS course ends up with a Level 3 Award in Education and Training that wants to learn the skills needed to teach effectively. That’s the bottom line. But the next-to-bottom line is this:

Authentic Training is not like other training companies. We structure our delivery to match your need; if people want to learn, we will find the right way to teach them what they need to know.


Our train the trainer courses can be tailored to suit you.


Once known as PTLLS, we’ve taught it to the NHS, Greggs and MJ Quinn.

Organisations such as these (and others, such as Jayne Moore Media and Ashworth Hospital) send their staff on “train the trainer” courses, once known as “Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector” or PTLLS, because they understand that teaching is a skill.

Have you ever been trained by someone who doesn’t appear to have ever taught before? Then you will understand why training is not just about knowing your subject; it’s about knowing how to pass on that knowledge or those skills to others.

That’s what we teach.

We teach your best people to pass on their know-how and experience to others in an effective way.


Its proper title is the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.


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